QuarkXpress 7.5 (win/mac)

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QuarkXpress 7.5 (win/mac)

£417.13 (ex. VAT)
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Platform  Windows / Mac
Manufacturer: Quark
Part Number: 45107581
Type: Retail, Full Edition
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*Complete 2nd user box package. Software has been  registered and fully removed from the previous system. You will be able to fully use the software as normal, but will not be able to register it again in your name. Full 12 months warranty included. You will be entitled to all future updates and full technical support.....

  • QuarkXPress is a desktop publishing application aimed at anyone looking to produce high-quality printed materials. First released in 1987, it revolutionised the publishing industry by bringing precision typography, layout and colour control to the desktop computer at a fraction of the cost of proprietary typesetting systems. QuarkXPress remains the tool of choice for professional designers today. Version 7 is the most significant upgrade release in the history of QuarkXPress - it has a new text engine and a new graphics engine; there are significant enhancements to existing features and some completely new features...features that are set to trigger another revolution in the publishing industry.

    Product features
    Effortless collaboration
    In traditional linear workflows, contributors must wait for other team members to complete their work in a layout before they can work on their assignments. With QuarkXPress 7, team members can make changes to the same QuarkXPress page at the same time. QuarkXPress 7 composition zones are ideal for any fast-paced environment where people need to work on various aspects of a page or layout simultaneously.
    Confidence in consistency
    In addition to promoting more efficient collaboration, QuarkXPress 7 helps workgroups obtain consistent output by sharing specifications across workstations using Job Jackets. The Job Jackets feature takes a revolutionary step beyond preflighting: it helps ensure that a print job adheres to its specifications from the moment it is created, and that it continues to adhere to those specifications all the way through until it rolls off of the press.
    Synchronised content
    QuarkXPress also introduces new features to promote consistency and automate changes across layouts by synchronising text, pictures and item attributes, including text formatting, picture effects, colours and drop shadows. The shared content palette accepts any type of item, including picture boxes, text boxes, lines and text paths. When items are added to the shared content palette, users can specify what is synchronised: item attributes, content attributes or content only. Changes to one synchronised item will reflect in all instances of that synchronised item, including on master pages.
    Accurate colour
    Quark is building on work done by standards organisations such as the International Color Consortium (ICC) to promote a uniform approach to colour management, and is working to bring the benefits of colour management to designers and output specialists by simplifying key aspects of colour management. QuarkXPress 7 addresses the concerns of larger publishing groups by making colour management settings portable and easy to set up, and addresses the concerns of smaller shops by providing a well-tuned set of default colour management settings.
    Flexible design
    With new transparency features included in QuarkXPress 7, users can specify the opacity of the elements that make up any item or content in QuarkXPress - text, pictures, blends, boxes, frames, lines, tables and more. QuarkXPress 7 provides greater control over transparency than other applications by managing opacity levels for any colour element of an object rather than on an object-by-object basis.
    A new window on your work
    In QuarkXPress 7, users are able to see how detailed changes affect an entire page, layout or project by splitting the QuarkXPress window into two or more panes or opening any number of new windows for a project. To maximise workspace, users are be able to create custom palette groupings that can be expanded, collapsed and resized according to user needs. The Measurements palette has been improved with different tabs that change according to the selected item in the layout. Everyday features such as tab settings and item alignment have been redesigned so users can work faster and smarter.
    Better tables
    Tables have been enhanced significantly in QuarkXPress 7, with new table grouping, table rotation, auto-fit, non-anchored continued tables and header and footer rows features. It will includes handy features to select all even rows, even columns, odd rows or odd columns in a table for formatting, which lets users shade every other row in a table easily to improve readability. QuarkXPress 7 automatically resizes table cells as necessary to accommodate data from an imported Microsoft Excel table.
    New Features - Creativity (I)
    • Colour opacity
    • Alpha channel masks in TIFF and PSD
    • Drop shadows
    • Synchronized angle
    • Runaround

      Picture Effects Enhancements:
    • Support for raster EPS
    • Non-destructive mask manipulation
    • Integrates with Shared Content feature

      PSD Import Enhancements:
    • Background transparency supported (in addition to layer transparency and blending modes)

      Composition Zones:
    • Revolutionary layout feature lets you design once and use anywhere with live updates
    New Features - Creativity (II)
    Intuitive Colour Management:
    • Automatic monitor profile detection
    • Easy soft proofing

      Shared Content:
    • Retain picture attributes when replacing pictures
    • Synchronize attributes and content of any item, image or text

    • Advanced OpenType features
    • Glyph palette
    • Insert Special Character menu
    • Font fallback

      Streamlined Interface:
    • Measurement palette enhancements (improved space/align, improved tabbing, palette groups and sets)
    • Smart palette snapping
    • Identify layer items with layer colours
    New Features - Creativity (III)
    Tables enhancements:
    • Running headers and footers
    • Splitting tables and running tables
    • Auto resize cells
    • Automatically select all even rows, even columns, odd rows, or odd columns
    • Transparency

      XDraw Graphics:
    • Improved text smoothing
    • Anti-aliased graphic export to Web

      Improved Locking
    New Features - Productivity and Collaboration
    Shared Layouts

    Quark Job Jackets
    • Synchronized design settings (among multiple users)
    • Synchronized colour settings (among multiple users)
    • Customizable preflighting (layout evaluation)
    • JDF support
    New Features - Output and Digital Workflow
    Advanced Colour Management
    • Backward compatibility
    • Source and output setups
    • Many new advanced settings

      PDF/X 1-a and PDF/X 3
    • Evaluation
    • Verification

      Output Styles
    • Print
    • EPS
    • PDF
    • PPML

      Embedding Fonts in EPS Files

      Multi-page EPS/PDF/DCS Export

      Print Dialogue Enhancements
    • Easy-to-use preview
    • Create Print Style from dialog
    • Font download
    • Output JDF
    • PostScript 3 enhancements
    • Summary screen
    New Features - Multi-channel Communication
    Projects and Layouts
    • Single layout mode
    • Append projects
    • Export Projects
    • Multiple Window and Split Window view

      Variable Data
    • PPML export
    System Specifications
    • Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) or later
    • CD-ROM drive for installation
    • Minimum 128MB total RAM
    • 300MB available hard disk space for QuarkXPress installation
    • Microsoft Windows XP
    • CD-ROM drive for installation
    • Minimum 128MB total RAM
    • 250MB available hard disk space for installation

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